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Things to Think About,
Regarding Domain Names:

That there are a limited number of ways to arrange the 26 letters of the English language, so that they make a sensible domain name

That there are a lot of other English-speaking businesses like yours, who want similar domain names

That a domain name that is both memorable and that makes some reference to your product can be a very valuable asset to have.

That you can direct as many domain names as you want to your website.

That you can have several web pages, each attracting a different type of customer and each having a different domain name, but each linking to the same products or services.

That there are a lot of very
important reasons to have a domain name.

Selected Papers:
See these meeting notes regarding LiquidBandage.com. In 2002 we were already competent and experienced with use of web names and web pagee.

2004 paper by Dr. Griffith
(PDF file)
Branding and Effective Use of Web Names and Web Addresses: So This Century, SoThisCentury.com

Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D., Director  
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