Our naming services and the purchase of available domain names are available to those who work as naming or branding professionals, through the individual attention of Dr. Susan D. Griffith, through both GrowPuppy.com and OneBigRoach.com. Advertising, marketing and PR people also use her domain naming services, as do legal personnel who register domain names for their companies, while being , in fact, interested in and talented with naming issues.

You can be comfortable contacting Dr. Griffith with your naming needs.  She will creatively and supportively help you individually with your specific situation.

Dr. Griffith promises all her clients the strictest confidentiality, and it goes without saying that that promise extends to names intended for use by a high-profile buyer.  We will not disclose to anyone our interaction with you.  (Of course, there is a public record of the current registrant of any domain name.)

We want to make it easy for marketing people, professional namers, people who will start that business "some day now", and everyone else as well to purchase creative, memorable domain names.  And we want people to be able to buy domain names to save for future businesses, future products, possible future advertising campaigns, and the like without dealing with disclosure to the public of their intent or dream.

Domain names considered of possible worth later should be bought now, if at all possible.  Once registered by a competitor or used by another, a domain name will probably not be available for your purchase, and, if so, may have become less valuable to you for is association with the other business.  Delaying purchase of a good domain name also adds the risk of finding its price considerably higher in the future, as more businesses enter the Internet and those already there add additional domain name portals.

For those interested, Susan D. Griffith, founder and director of both GrowPuppy.com and OneBigRoach.com, holds the Ph.D. in clinical psychology and has also worked for many years as a therapist and creative problem-solving consultant.  In her career she is absolutely confidential about her work with all her clients.  Her naming businesses are an extension of that work and that ideal.  You the buyer are her client.

Dr. Griffith will relay her ideas and support without fee as part of any domain name transfer, truly enjoying combining her creative ideas with those of her customers, who at this time in this business are usually remarkably creative and intelligent people.

Email Dr. Susan Griffith today to discuss your interest in domain names for your business and advertising uses, or submit to her the form below.

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