promptly and professionally transfers ownership
of targeted domain names we have selected for their excellence as
effective web addresses for your
product or service.. makes
confidential and creative
professional naming services
available to large and small
business and industry..

Our founder,
Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D. 
is a psychologist 
with an interest in the factors 
that make a name particularly effective
for its intended purpose. specializes in
creative, memorable domain names that suggest the qualities an owner wants associated with his/her product or service while being memorable.

We also sell selected cutting-edge generic names, and pre-selected names for 21st century products and services as well as humorous,
targeted domain names.

If you don't see the right domain name,
we can search our names for you,
or we can design a name
that is best for your planned use
and that meets your budget.
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Think Up the Perfect Domain Name for You (and save it by registering it.) There is no obligation to buy it from us.
(We won't register it unless we think it is good, and someone else will want to buy it from us later.)
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Frequently-Asked Questions
domain names, transferring
registrant of a domain name
and our services.

I am involved in all aspects of this business. Feel free to email me if
you want my personal assistance.
Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D.
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encourages creativity
Also directed by
Dr. Susan Griffith.
Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D., Director  

Paper by Dr. Griffith:
Branding and Effective Use
of Web Names and
Web Addresses:
So This Century,
(PDF file)
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