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last updated on: March 11, 2019
Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist

Creative Solutions is the name I gave my practice (with Richard Cooper). We are both Ph.D. Clinical Psychologists who work with individuals and couples to help them change what they want to change.

Our two handicap-accessible offices are in Graham (Alamance County) and on Durham/Chapel Hill Blvd., away from medical parks for a greater sense of privacy.

I am easy to talk to. We will talk with one another, back and forth, sitting on sofas or chairs, without a desk between us. I will offer a bottle of water to drink. I will ask about your past and your current life situation, but I never stare silently. We will work on things together, both of us talking. I will see something of myself in you. 
I won’t take a lot of notes, but when I see you again I will remember who you are and what you have told me. We will enjoy working together.

I am relaxed and non-judgmental in my work, but I am a fully-qualified and trained professional—a Licensed Psychologist in the state of North Carolina holding the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill,
a well-rated program with rigorous admissions standards. You can call me Susan.

I have day and evening appointments (but none on weekends - and none in the early morning.) Sometimes sessions can be on the telephone, after we know each other well.

The simple paperwork you need to bring to your first appointment is at EasyToTalkTo.com, my website.

If you aren’t sure about coming, just come; you will get something useful from even one meeting. I have years of experience working with people of all ages, backgrounds, orientations and beliefs—people who now feel better.