People and
The Internet

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Washington Post June 7, 2004: Human
Responses to Technology Scrutinized

Premier Issue
March 23, 2004
Television Advertising and the Internet
Major Television Advertisers Make Too Little Use of the Internet
So Last Century.!
Selected Background:
New York Times March 1, 2004: Domain Names Are Big Again
The Straits Times  March 21, 2004: Domain Names Hot Again February 9, 2004: Internet Erosion of TV
Viewing Habits Deepens
Super Bowl Commercials Commentary March 1, 2004
Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D., Editor
Psychology                of The Internet . com

August, 2004
Branding and Effective Use of Web
Names and  Web Addresses:
So This Century,
by Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D.   (pdf file)