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Naming and Branding in Popular Culture,
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Sometimes in the cheery Eden of branding a little rain must fall. Today's foul weather report is brought to you by Network Solutions, the company that everyone loved to hate so much that they changed their name to the antiseptic "Netsol."

Apparently hoping that the storm had passed, Netsol recently changed their name back to the despised Network Solutions. Clearly both names stink, but we'd like to focus on the actual words, "network" and "solutions." These are two words that have been so overused that they have sunk below white noise status and now have negative connotations.

Do your company a favor: If the word "solutions" appears anywhere on your website or is otherwise associated with your endeavor, MAKE IT STOP. Do you offer a financial solution? A diet and exercise solution? An IT solution ? A sexual solution? An automotive solution? A hair solution? A food storage solution? A home office solution? A daycare solution? A waterproofing solution? A constipation solution? A network solution?

If you have a "solution," then you have a problem. In which case, you are in need of a solution solution.

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