One Big Roach
1 Big Roach

Susan D. Griffith, Ph.D.
encourages useful, memorable
naming on the Internet.

emails to you domain names
selected for your product or program.

notifies you when our newsletter is published.
(see our archives.)

transfers to you selected domain names to use now or to keep for
   potential future use.

is expert at designing domain names that are BOTH targeted
and memorable rather than neither, or merely one or the other.

knows when a generic name can support your Internet presence.

is supportive and easy to work with and talk to.
loves problem-solving.
loves a solution to a problem that meets all the goals.
loves a seemingly impossible-to-solve problem.
is under the direction of Susan D. Grifith, Ph.D, psychologist.

promotes more effective website use. 
sends free confidential suggestions for effective Internet use
       targeted to your business/service.
offers general suggestions about getting customers to your website.
recommends what to offer at your website to get visitors to buy your

provides creative consultation with big business via email.

is always confidential.
responds to your email.

shows domain name holdings upon request.

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