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2002 Search Engine Watch Awards
as excerpted from the January 28, 2003
report by
Danny Sullivan, Editor

The Search Engine Watch Awards recognize outstanding achievements in web searching.

Outstanding Search Service

This category recognizes outstanding performance in helping Internet users locate general information from across the World Wide Web.

Winner: Google

It's a hat trick for Google, as it wins this category for the third year in a row. It was the clear choice in the popular voting, winning 65 percent of the 556 valid votes received for a winner in this category. Search Engine Watch's editors also agreed with the voting. Google stands out again in our view as the top choice for Outstanding Search Service.

Interestingly, new features and advances were not a factor in Google's win this time. Unlike 2001, Google actually made few changes in 2002 to its default web search, beyond continued expansion of its index and increasing the freshness of its listings. Instead, Google wins for its dependability in providing excellent search results, which is the most important feature of all.

Many of the comments received through voting attest to Google's consistency being a factor in its popularity:
Google - because it always has an answer.
Google is consistently good, and for some reason I trust it.
I enjoy the ease of use of Google's search results. I also enjoy the quality of the search of Google.
I prefer Google because I know what I need is in there
Still the most relevant matches and fastest response times.
Fast, clean and always comes up with the right stuff.
If Google doesn't know about it, it doesn't tangibly exist.
Google is part of my life.

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It's no wonder that throughout 2002, reports of people using "google" as a synonym for "search" continued to roll in. The American Dialect Society even recently named "google" second place for 2002 "Word Of The Year," and it was the unanimous choice of the society for the "Most Useful Word" for 2002.

Xeroxing a copy; Rollerblading down the street; FedExing a package -- all are examples where companies providing excellent products and services have seen their names transformed by the public into ways of describing those products and services, regardless of the actual manufacturer.

While such transformations give trademark lawyers at those companies fits, they also remain the highest compliment that consumers can give to products. The transformation of Google's name underscores the excellence in search that the company has consistently provided since it began.