WHO let the cows out
       MOO! MOO! MOO! MOO!

The following 'udderly' names are owned by others but are also
      currently for sale, should you wish to own the 'whole herd'.
               UdderlyFresh.com             UdderlyGood.com

FreshAnd Sweet.com     CalSeeYum.com
UdderlyNow.com          UdderlySweet.com


   Milk beverages are coming.  Whether your beverage is already in production or is still in planning or development, consider owning a variety of domain names that might meet your needs for websites for current or future products. 
    Once a name is registered to a competitor, it is not available to you, and this can limit your marketing options.  Remember, there are a limited number of words applicable to your products. 
    You'll want easy-to-remember domain names and ones that appeal to the young as well as ones that capture the boomer market.
   Basic cows' milk, "the ONLY milk you'll want drink with cookies", CAN rise in popularity along with the milk beverages.  If you produce cows' milk you will need new websites with activities and promotions for kids.
And, of course,
         WhoLetTheCowsOut.com ! *
MyCowhoo.com                 Cowhoo.com
   Contact us if one or more of these names appeals to you.  Buying the domain name also affords you the opportunity to apply for available related trademarks, especially important for those domain names here that are appropriate product names as well.
    Remember, purchasing pre-designed domain names is MUCH cheaper than is hiring creative staff or contracting with naming services.  (AND you can later resell any domain names not used.)
(Outrageous enough for teenagers!)
(hear that eeemoo sound embedded in there?)
(All 3 outrageous enough for 7-year-olds!)
(Udder skin creams have changed 'udder' to a fun word.)
(a little double entendre for the sophisticated?)
Colored butter (and margarine) - on the horizon at your company - maybe?
Be ready! Buy now BettaButta.com and Jareen.com
** We also have for sale WhoLetTheCowOut.com
Milk-Related Domain Names Remaining for Sale
Contact MilkNames@Profidant.com