last updated on: November 13, 2017
  Further Notes about Meeting Times

We are sometimes late for appointments, but only a very few minutes; you will never have a long wait for your appointment to start.

Our sessions last 45 minutes, although, when our schedule allows it, we may stay with you longer. Please tell us if you need to leave promptly at the end of our scheduled time!

You can prearrange longer appointments.

Most of our clients meet with us approximately once a week, but some come once every two weeks. Longer-term clients  may evolve to less freqent regular visits. Some clients come only once.

Our sessions are scheduled from late morning into the evening.

If you expect to return regularly,  you will be given a weekday and time to meet with us.

Generally it is hard to change the time of your appointment, but it is certainly okay to ask.

Some of our clients choose to hold their sessions on the telephone when they cannot come to the office.

We remain aware of the individual schedules and time constraints of our clients and offer them more convenient appointment times
as they become available.

Within this box is the same information that appears at the entry page.

All therapy appointments are scheduled in advance by the doctors themselves
for late morning through evening hours only,
at times that are convenient for the client's schedule
as well as available on the therapist's schedule at the time you contact us.
Most, but not all, clients attend weekly appointments at the same day and time each week.

Dr. Griffith sees clients at the Chapel Hill/Durham office Wednesdays and Thursdays.
Dr. Cooper sees clients at the Chapel Hill/Durham office Tuesdays and some Fridays.

Dr. Griffith sees clients at the Graham office on Tuesdays only.
Dr. Cooper sees clients at the Graham office on Thursdays only.

Dr. Griffith communicates about new-client appointments with via email and text.

Dr. Cooper communicates about new-client appointments  via email, text, and telephone.

Interested in becoming a new client?
It works best for you to