Our website is named EasyToTalkTo.
Our business name is
Creative Solutions.

Together, those names are who we are. Really.

Anyone can talk with us.
About anything.

We DON'T tell you what to do.
We talk things over with you.

Together, we can find creative solutions.

Solutions for problems with people.
Solutions for  relationship problems.

Solutions for problems with feelings.
Solutions for problems with thoughts.

Solutions for parenting.
Solutions for being parented.
Solutions for parenting our parents.

Solutions for challenges.

Solutions for personal goals.

Solutions for employment goals.

Solutions for procrastination.
Job and Money Concerns?

We see people experiencing

work changes

with or without
troublesome signs of stress.

   We meet with people
who have lost their job for any reason
  who are fearful of layoff
   who are thinking of changing jobs
   who are seeking  new employment
   who want to figure out what they really
       want to do for a living
   who want to figure out something they
       can do to make money
   who want their work to mean more
   who are stressed from actually seeming to
have it all at work but living in fear of losing it
   who want to gain the courage to make a big change in employment

Coming to talk with us can be very helpful when you are dealing with the decisions and emotions related to work changes.
Our individual sessions provide a good place to consider appropriate work options
while receiving confidential support for the varied emotions and decisions involved in lay-off and other job change

Wondering What It Is Like
to Meet with Us?

When you meet with one of us
we sit together in a small- or
medium-sized room and talk.
We both sit in chairs or on a sofa.

We take very few notes, if any,
preferring to devote our attention to you, rather than to unnecessary paperwork.

We are entirely confidential, withinthe confines of the law, and no one will overhear you talking with us. 

Our clients have said that they find us very supportive.
We want you to feel comfortable and secure with us. We are indeed easy to talk to!

We are on your side. We are not interested in focusing on diagnosis of 
your problems; we simply want to help you make things better for you.

We talk with you during our sessions, and will probably ask a lot of questions during the first session. You don't have to just try to think of something to say. If you don't want to answer something we ask, just don't answer.

Solutions and improvement come from our working together to find them.  We do not simply tell you what to do. 

And when you decide not to follow through with a plan, we are not frustrated with you, but - instead - see a new opportunity for learning a solution that is better for you.

last updated on: November 13, 2017
Words that
apply to us
and all our work:

self-confidence building
easy to talk to
fun to talk with
Wondering If You Are
Like Our Other Clients?

Our clients are, basically,


You do not need to fit any one category to come to see us and talk with us.

You may be experiencing job stress, family stress, marital stress, school stress, parenting stress, or no identifiable stress.

You may consider yourself to be depresssed or anxious or worried or none of these.

You may be employed or not employed, in school or not in school, in a relationship or not.

You may want to change any one or more of the conditions above, or not.

You may want to make things go better at work.

You may be a CEO or administrator who wants to talk and think things over in a confidential setting away from the office.

You may be....you.
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